Flexo is a simple application for N900 to keep track of the time you spend at work. Check in when you arrive at the office, check out when you leave, and Flexo does the rest. Features include multiple check-ins during the day (to keep track of breaks), an alarm to remind you when it's time to leave and undo functionality. The time tracking continues even if you close the application.

Thanks to Flexo's in-your-face interface, sticking it to the man has never been easier!

How to get Flexo

The latest stable version of Flexo is available from the Maemo Extras repository. Just look for it in your Application Manager, under "Utilities".

Newer versions are uploaded to the extras-testing repository, waiting to be tested. If you don't mind taking the risk of using a buggy version, follow these instructions to enable the extras testing repository in your device.

Flexo is open source. If you are interested in the source code, look here.

How to give feedback

If you want to report a bug or suggest an improvement, add a comment to the feedback page.

Copyright (c) 2010 Francesco Balestrieri