Gunpla Level 3: RG MSN-04 Sazabi, and peak gunpla


The next level in my Gunpla progression was the RG MSN-04 Sazabi. It’s a beautiful mech, piloted by Char in Char’s Counterattack, considered one of the best Gundam animated movies. I originally wanted to build the Ver.Ka MG version, but it was out of stock and also not as well reviewed as the RG version, which is apparently the pinnacle of RG models.

Sazabi frame and foot

Sazabi back of skirt and thrusters

The main achievement at this level was the use of paint. An airbrush seemed too much of a commitment, plus I lack a suitable environment where I can use it. So I went with manual paint, but since I didn’t want to ruin the Sazabi’s striking red armor I only went for the parts of the inner frame that are visible through the armor.

After seeing witht the Nu Gundam how much better the water transfer decals look, I couldn’t bear myself to use the stickers that disappointingly came with the Sazabi, so I ordered 3rd party decals. I also used a sticker solvent to make them adhere better to the curved shapes of the armor.

What next? I feel like my Gunpla leveling has peaked, next from here would be weathering, custom painting, diorama… all of these require too much time and too many tools, as well as a stable hobby room. Besides, I don’t feel like there is enough variation in the models, and you can only build so many gundams. A natural next step would be to try my hand at a Perfect Grade, but it feels too big and expensive.


I did buy a couple of new model kits that I plan to build eventually, but for now my Gunpla adventure has come to a halt. Sayonara!