Links of the week #1

When I run into a link that seems interesting, but I don't have time to read it, I save it in Pocket for later, but later never comes. I'm starting this "links of the week series" to give me an excuse to go through my backlog.

Here are some interesting links I found this week.

A new way to discover places with generative AI in Maps

Google just announced a new feature to discover places in Maps via a ChatGPT-like conversational interface. We have done something similar at work so this was very interesting, but it's hard to say how it compares since the feature is in early preview only for select local guides in the US.

The Right Way to Sauce Pasta

Kenji Lopez's tips on how to sauce pasta. I was happy to see him recommend to finish cooking pasta in the sauce, and add some of the cooking water to the mix if it seems to dry, which IMO is the best kept secret to make a perfect pasta sauce. I'm not sure about the final step of adding fat to the sauce, I don't normally do it but I will try.

Think for yourself if you want AI to teach you how to code

A virtual rubber duck to help students learn coding. This is something I had thought about myself as the next step from rubber-duck coding, i.e. a rubber duck that answers back.

One week shadowing Wayne Haber, Director of Engineering at GitLab

Through this link I found out about Gitlab's shadow program, TeamOps course and YouTube channel, which will probably make this list in the next post.